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DT Die - Versions- Kurs na pudełko toffifi :)

Dzisiaj na blogu Die - Versions zapraszam Was na kurs:

Hi crafty friends!
Today I would like to share with you with my step by step tutorial.
You will need:
-1-2 scrapbooking papers 30*30 cm
- border punch or edge scissors
- flowers, ribbon, Die-Version dies
- glue
- scissors, trimer

1. Make yourself a cup of coffee and gather the materials you'll need:

  1. Using scissors or trimmer cut from sheet of paper rectangle with dimensions of 17.4x30cm, next cut off 3 cm from it. Now you have two rectangles:  17,4x27cm and 17,4x3cm. Cut another strip witch dimensions of 17.4x6cm - it will be the band for the box. Optionally from second sheet of paper cut 8x17.4 cm rectangle. For this part you can use border punch or edge scissors - make it more fancy.

     3. Using glue stick the largest piece of paper around chocolate box. Press paper firmly. Keep an eye on edges. You have to be very careful.

    4. Now you need to cover paper joint.
    You can use a piece of paper which you cut with a puncher or decorative scissors.
5. Piece of paper size 6cm wrap around chocolate box:

 6. Now start decorating. You can use flowers, ribbons, chipboards and Die-Version die cut of course :)
7.  The finished chocolate box looks like this:

Do usłyszenia :)

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